fire cabinets



   In 1950 at 96 Filonos & Fhilellinon Street, in Piraeus Demetrius Manolaros founds a private enterprise which focusing on all kinds of welding and the hiring of welding machines.


   In parallel he manufactures dry powder, soda - acid and chemical foam extinguishers in small quantities, mainly addressing  the Maritime market. He inspects extinguishing systems on ships and manufactures maritime rescue equipment (lifejackets, lifebuoy lights and floating rescue devices). Over the years, as the market of fire equipment slowly begins to grow, the company abandons the other activities and specializes almost exclusively in the field of fire protection. It produces foam and cartridge operated fire extinguishers and gas extinguishing systems. Alongside he enriches his commercial relations and distributes firefighting equipment, materials and extinguishing agents by internationally recognized firms, in the Greek market.



   In 1972 the company is transferred in its privately owned headquarters at 68 Sfaktirias str., in Piraeus where it remains until the present day.

   In 1977 the company purchases an hydraulic testing equipment from the US, and the company creates one of the first pressure cylinders testing stations in Greece, thus  enhancing the services provided, although a regulatory framework didn’t exist at that time.

   In 1982 the company limits the production of portable fire extinguishers and focuses on the construction of permanent extinguishing systems with Halon gas and carbon dioxide and also on the production of Halon 1211 portable extinguishers. During the 80’s the company collaborates with almost all manufacturing companies and provides full support to these systems. It provides inspection services in extinguishing systems with carbon dioxide and performs inspections and hydraulic tests on life-rafts cylinders, targeting the maritime sector.

   In 1992, climate change imposes the gradual replacement of Halons and the creation of new types of extinguishing gasses. The company follows latest developments and acquires the relevant expertise regarding all new types of fire extinguishing media (HCFC, HFC, inert gases mixtures).

   In 2001 Charalambos Manolaros, son of the founder, Electrical Engineer, undertakes the company's management. The fields of activity expands in almost all specialized areas in active and passive fire protection. Moreover, an engineering office is founded which provides integrated fire protection solutions in accordance with applicable regulations. The company encounters successfully the challenge of the European New Approach directives application and their integration into the production process of the company.

   In 2006 the company was recognized under 618/43 and 17230/671 on the maintenance of fire extinguishers, and in 2011 it changes its name to Ch.Manolaros and Co.

   Since its foundation and until today, based in Piraeus, it has contributed to the development and improvement of fire protection measures in many establishments and vessels, gathering experience and expertise. The company also develops technical software for automation, productive activities and databases.

   The company has expanded its activities, and specializes in the following fields:

• Structures
• Industry
• Maritime
• Transport of Dangerous Goods
• Software Development

   Today, it engages in the following activities:
• Preparation of technical studies
• Construction, maintenance of engineering projects
• Manufacturing, trading, maintaining firefighting equipment and facilities
• Laboratory tests, inspections
• Support and consulting services on Transport of Dangerous Goods
• Development of technical software

   The company provides products and services in line with current legislation. It is licensed by the Department of Industry of the Prefecture of Piraeus. It keeps a pressure cylinder testing station, licensed by the Ministry of Development, while supervised by Bureau Veritas inspection body. It keeps up with and adjusts in all European Directives concerning European Standards in production and procedure controls as they are introduced in the Greek Legislation.
   All operations are performed in private facilities by qualified personnel. In its business area of activities, it is synonymous with reliability and integrity.